The PNET Cancer Foundation is an international, registered not for profit charity based in Melbourne, Australia.
We are dedicated to supporting families across the globe who are dealing with PNET brain cancer. We do this by providing a supported global forum where families can share their personal experiences and exchange information with others who are on the same journey. We also provide up to date information for families on developments in research.
The Foundation is engaged in fundraising and advocating for PNET and all children’s brain cancers. We are also committed to developing high quality educational tools to support families in dealing with the challenges at different stages of the journey.
We rely exclusively on volunteers and donated services and we incur only a small amount of administrative costs for web-site maintenance.
Therefore almost 100% of our funds raised go to brain cancer research projects or educational resources for families.

Australian Government gets serious about fighting brain cancer

The Australian Government has heard the community voice loud and clear that survival rates for brain cancer in both adults and children are unacceptable. The Government has committed $100 MILLION to establish a fighting fund for research. The goal is aggressive – to double survival rates within 10 years.