Ryan Jackway, Australia

Diagnosed December 2007

Emily Candy, United Kingdom

Diagnosed 2005

Ryan was diagnosed with PNET brain cancer at the end of December 2007.

He had a couple of seizures over a period of six months and by Christmas, he was shaky. Three days later, he lost most of his body control. Ryan had one surgery, 31 high doses of radiation and six cycles of chemotherapy.

Ryan is currently ‘cured’ but suffers from side effects of treatment.

Emily was diagnosed with PNET in 2005 when she was two years old. The tumour was discovered in the front right side of her brain.

It was supratentorial PNET (sPNET). She went through a few different treatments; high dose chemotherapy, radiotherapy, epilepsy surgery and further tumour removal in 2012.

Currently is a long term survivor however she suffers from various difficulties including high tone hearing loss, learning difficulties, hypothyroidism – to name a few.

Julie Greisinger, USA

Diagnosed 200X

Chloe Tierney, USA

Diagnosed 200X

Julie woke up one morning gasping for air and stopped breathing. Her heart stopped but was revived en route to hospital where she was put on life support. Immediate surgery tumour resection was done. The Neurosurgeon suspected a tumour in her brain stem and that it had ruptured. A week later, it was found to be PNET. Julie was five months old at the time.

Julie’s parents were told she would not survive past the age of two.

Julie is now 26 years old and a survivor!

She has some mild disabilities like short-term memory loss. But through all her adversities, Julie completed college with a Medical Assistant degree. She had to work harder in her studies but with dedication, remained on the Deans list.

28 hours after Chloe was born she started seizing. She was given a CT and we were told she had a brain bleed. Three opinions were sought and two confirmed she had PNET. Her age of diagnosis is rare and obtaining a prognosis was difficult.

Chloe began chemo when she was exactly one month old. She is currently five years old and four years tumor free.

Joshua Small, USA

Diagnosed 200X

Quinn, Hautapu, New Zealand

Diagnosed December 2012

Josh was diagnosed at nine years old with the tumour found in his left frontal lobe. He underwent a long surgical resection that fortunately resulted in all of the tumor being removed. Although the tumor sat on top of his speech and motor cortex, he suffered no side effects.

High dose radiation and chemo was administered with Josh experiencing minimal side effects. Although the family were told many times that he would not live long, Josh is 14 years old now. Josh is a very mature young man and is now active on a local rowing team as a Coxswain.

In November 2012, Quinn fell off her scooter and hit the left side of her head. The next month, a large brain haemorrhage was discovered. Brain tumour, arteriovenous malformation and aneurysm were all ruled out during a 2 week hospitalisation.

A follow up scan in January 2013 showed the clot was stable and smaller. Two days later, Quinn had a stroke and was rushed to emergency surgery. The Neurologist said Quinn would have died if there had been any further delay in operating. A tumour was found in the blood clot, turning out to be PNET.

Quinn is currently in remission.

Facebook, “Quinn’s Quest”

Benjamin Hansen, Denmark

Diagnosed March 2012

Benjamin was diagnosed in March 2012 where a MRI scan revealed an approximately 7.5 cm (about 3 inches) large tumour over his right eye. He went through three surgeries, chemotherapy and proton beam therapy.

After the treatment ended, he went through three MRI scans and there is no tumour now. Ben goes for scans every six months now. He is currently in school and do not receive any kind of special education.

Facebook, “Benjamin vs Cancer”