Joshua McCormack, UK


Joshua was diagnosed with a PNET brain tumour deep within his brainstem in October 2015. He was 4 years old . His tumour was deemed inoperable but was debunked by 75%. He had 31 days of radiotherapy and 3 out of 4 months of high dose chemo with stem cell rescue. Treatment was abandoned as he spent 2 weeks on a ventilator in PICU after contracting PCP pneumonia.

Joshua started school in September 2016 but his routine scan on 25th September 2016 showed tumour progression. He started oral temozolomide but the tumour continued to progress.

Joshua showed incredible courage and moved people all around the world who read about his difficult journey, particularly toward the end of his life. Joshua was a real life SUPER HERO.

Joshua passed away in January 2017.

He continues to be an honourable team member of the Rochdale Football Club where his memory lives on.

Bianka Kucelin, USA


Bianka was diagnosed with a supratentorial PNET in mid February 2014 at the age of 4. Her tumour was removed on Valentines Day and it was a success with 95% or more of the tumour resected. She received a central line (CVL) on March 6th and started her chemo treatment on March 27th, 2014. Her MRI in February 2015 showed no evidence of disease. It was a clear scan.

In May 2015, Bianka went for a routine scan check up. The scan showed that the tumour had returned plus a new tumour had grown near the brain stem.

Bianka fought hard and never lost her love for life, her humour and her smile despite all her pain.

Sadly, Bianka lost her life in July 2015. She was loved by all who knew her and will always be remembered.




Kristina Soriana Davis, USA

1999 – 2015

As a young child, Kristina was joyful. She had the most beautiful smile.

Kristina grew into an intelligent young girl who ‘inhaled’ books and wanted to be a Literary Professor.

After a long period of being very unwell and misdiagnosed, Kristina was diagnosed with a spinal tumour. This required two 8 hour surgeries and the removal of her back bone to remove the tumour. She taught herself to walk again and enjoyed archery during treatment. Unfortunately, a year later, Kristina was diagnosed with PNET Brain Cancer.

She fought the cancer with incredible courage, continuing to smile and make people laugh.

Kristina passed away just a month before her 16th birthday.


Kelsey Hill, Canada

1998 – 2011

Kelsey was diagnosed with PNET brain cancer just before her 12th birthday. She endured 3 surgeries, 31 rounds of radiation and countless chemotherapy treatments.

She was an intelligent, compassionate, young girl, wise beyond her years. She excelled academically and in sports. Kelsey loved learning, the outdoors and life! Most of all, she cared about others. She wanted to be a teacher and help children when she grew up.

During her final precious months when she was having intensive chemotherapy, Kelsey founded a charity, ‘Team Kelsey’ and dedicated herself to raising funds for other children battling cancer. At the time, she raised over $15,000 and Team Kelsey has since raised over $50,000 for children’s cancer.

Kelsey’s spirit of generosity and courage are forever etched into people’s hearts and she will never be forgotten.