Rhett Bell – age 3.5, USA

PNET Fighter status – 2 years

Rhett was diagnosed with PNET brain cancer at age 2, just a week after his birthday. At the time, he was living with his family in Melbourne, Australia. Rhett was admitted to Emergency at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne after vomiting constantly for 2 months.

A brain MRI revealed a brain tumour the size of a golf ball. Emergency surgery was performed and 90% of the tumour was removed. Rhett then underwent chemotherapy for 6 months, which he completed in September 2016. Rhett is under monitoring and has brain MRI’s every 3 months. He is currently cancer free but has experienced significant hearing impairment. Rhett loves to play and lives ‘as though cancer never happened’. He is living life to the full with his two older brothers and his mum and dad, back in the USA.

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Jaxon Beavers – age 9, USA

PNET Fighter Status – 3 years

Jaxon was diagnosed with sPNET at the age of six in February 2014. It started with a suspected sinus infection. As his health worsened, a CT scan was organised and a mass in the center of his brain was found. Four days later it was confirmed to be sPNET.

Jaxon’s tumour was not removable due to the location and amount of bleeding when the tumour was cut. A biopsy sample, about 1/3 of the tumour, was removed.

Even though there isn’t any evidence of tumour recurrence, there is a spot that the doctor’s are watching. Doctor’s feel it is a result from treatment and surgery, and not another tumour.

Facebook, “Jaxon Beaver”