About our global support groups

We provide fully supported private Facebook groups which are strictly for families dealing with PNET brain cancer in a child or immediate family member.

Currently there are 3 groups:

  • CNS Pnet group – for parents of a child or spouses of a loved one diagnosed with PNET Brain Cancer
  • ‘Passed’ Group – for those who have experienced the loss of their child or loved one from PNET Brain Cancer
  • Siblings group – for young people who are dealing with PNET brain cancer in a sibling or family member

Members in our group can interact regularly, often daily, sharing information about their personal experience with PNET brain cancer.

The main forum provides invaluable information from the perspective of families who are dealing with PNET or its aftermath on a daily basis. Through this forum, families are there for each other through the ups and downs.

The PNET Cancer Foundation has a dedicated volunteer to monitor each site.

We provide support to families at all of the different stages of the PNET journey whether this be:

  • newly diagnosed
  • in treatment
  • in monitoring
  • in remission
  • in palliative care
  • following loss
  • support for siblings

The PNET Cancer Foundation recognises that the PNET journey is a life long one for families whether their child is a long term survivor or has passed away.

We are especially committed to supporting families who have lost a child to PNET brain cancer. A private forum is available for these families to share their experience of grief.

Email us to join: info@pnetcancerfoundation.com

In order to join one of our groups, we need to receive an email from you so that we can obtain the required information to verify you as a member. This process protects the privacy of all families in the group by ensuring that only families dealing with PNET brain cancer are admitted as members.