2017 Trivia Night at the Melbourne Rowing Club

Our Trivia Night on October 14, generously supported by the Melbourne Rowing Club and the Wyndham Hotel raised over $5000 for the AIM Project. This significant project ‘aims’ to study the molecular profile of ALL brain cancers diagnosed in children in Australia and NZ over the next 4 years.  A fun night was had by all and lots of raffles prizes were won! We were fortunate to have the best view of an amazing fireworks show on the river as part of an Indian festival. A huge thanks to Peter Mitcham our PNET volunteer and Trivia Master and to Gavin Blue of Heartfelt for your wonderful photography work, as always.

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November Beer Tasting 2016

A great afternoon was had by all at our end of year Beer tasting event held in Spring St, Melbourne. It was a sweltering hot day and the event was almost sabotaged by the presence of rioters and the riot police blocking off Spring St. Everyone enjoyed the beer once we were up and running!

Thank you Gavin Blue and Heartfelt for your magnificent photos that capture the event. Thank you to our volunteer Peter Mitcham of Beer Blokes for hosting the event. We also wish to thank Con from the Spring St Grocer, Melbourne for his generous donation of magnificent cheeses that complemented the beer superbly.



PNET Annual Trivia Night 2016

In April 2016, the Foundation hosted its second Trivia night.

For the first time the event was held in the Dining Hall at Xavier College, Kew.  It was a very special venue for us as Kieran Stark had spent many years at Xavier before he lost his battle with PNET in his first year of University.

We had a great turn out on the night with 140 people competing for prizes. Over 20 raffle prizes were given away on the night and we raised over $10,000.

A huge thanks to Xavier College for their generous support for the function, to Gavin Blue photographer for his fantastic images and to our volunteer, Peter Mitcham the Trivia Master.

Ray’s Singing School Charity night