Our mission

The PNET Cancer Foundation is an international, not for profit charity based in Melbourne.

Our mission is to support all families around the world dealing with PNET brain cancer by providing a global communications forum and educational resources. We also advocate and raise funds to help drive the process for finding a cure for PNET and all children’s brain cancers.

Where we began

The PNET Cancer Foundation was established in 2010 by Kerry Morrison and William Stark, following the loss of their 20 year old son, Kieran to PNET brain cancer. At the time that Kieran was diagnosed, there was no research into PNET brain cancer or support in place for families dealing with this very aggressive and devastating disease.

The Foundation was set up to promote PNET brain cancer research and to positively influence and change the journey for families. The following video tells the story of how we began and our achievements as at November 2016. Since the making of this video, there has been considerable progress in achieving government funding for children’s brain cancer research in Australia.  Therefore, the focus of the Foundation going forward will be more towards developing educational resources to support families on the journey.

The story of the PNET Brain Cancer Foundation

What we do

The Foundation’s work comprises 4 pillars:

Support  – we provide support to all families globally dealing with PNET brain cancer by providing a supported global communication forum.
Educate – we are committed to building a global source of knowledge to assist families on the brain cancer journey.
Advocating – we advocate and raise awareness within the community about PNET and other rare children’s brain cancers.
Fundraising – we raise funds to support research into PNET and all children’s brain cancers.

Our organisational structure

Our organisation is led by the Founders, Kerry Morrison and William Stark. There are various ‘portfolios’ which are areas of responsibility, each supported by a dedicated volunteer. We have a core team of 10 volunteers who are involved across the various portfolios, and a number of additional volunteers who provide assistance with events.

Meet Our people

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