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International Symposium on Paediatric Neuro-Oncology (ISPNO)
28 June - 2 July 2014

The PNET Cancer Foundation is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the "Paediatric Rare Brain Tumor Consortium" session on sPNET's at the 14th International Symposium on Paediatric Neuro-Oncology in Singapore on 28 June to 2 July 2014.

This session furthers the Foundation's aim of fostering medical and scientific research into rare and aggressive sPNET's.

Our sponsorship of this session brings the PNET Cancer Foundation to the attention of the international paediatric neuro-oncology community. This will further develop our international presence and create deeper partnerships with this research community.

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Benjamin Hansen


Benjamin is 9 years old and is in 3rd grade. He was in Easter 2012 found brain cancer type PNET. After two operations, the tumor is now completely removed.

He has had chemo since Easter 2012 and June 2013. Benjamin was, in October and November 2012, for radiotherapy in Houston (Texas). Hospital MD Anderson performed proton beam therapy. He is now completed and will now control the MR scan each Quarterly.

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