There is Hope
Pedal for PNET

14th - 20th March 2015

From Sydney to Melbourne

900km in 7 days

To make a donation, please go directly to, Everday Hero, Pedal for PNET

Pedal for PNET

Pedal for PNET is a solo bike ride from Sydney to Melbourne. Clay Trembath is riding to raise awareness and funds for paediatric brain cancer and the PNET Cancer Foundation.

"I had actually never cycled before deciding to undertake this ride, and so have been training hard to get my legs ready for 900km! The challenge of undertaking this ride pales in comparison to the battle thousands of young people face in fighting brain cancer, but I hope that it can help to raise people’s awareness of PNET tumours and paediatric brain cancer, and raise much needed funds for research." – Clay Trembath

There is Hope
CNS-PNET Families is a private group on Facebook STRICTLY ONLY for families who are dealing with this rare cancer found in the brain and spine. The group was created in September 2014 and to date, has 51 members from all over the world; USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Brazil, India and the Netherlands. For more information or to make a request to join the group, please send us an email

Our story

The foundation was formed by Kerry Morrison and William Stark after the death of their son Kieran Stark to PNET cancer in 2008.

Kieran Stark was a state champion cross-country runner and rower. He was widely recognised by his cheeky smile and his ability to see positivity and fun in life no matter how difficult it became. At age 18, during his final year at high school in 2006 he was struck down by PNET brain cancer.

Kieran's inspirational courage and determination to give back to and support others highlights the tragedy of losing young people who have so much to offer the world.

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